Drive your body to ULTIMATE hotness ... Drive your body to ULTIMATE hotness with the butt-kicking workout that defines your abs to flat, toned, and sexy!
We are all busy ladies. Finding the time to work out routinely is a challenge so many of us juggle. If you can spare just 18 minutes 3 days a week, we have an absolutely awesome, fast-paced, customized workout that will work your core and define your abs like they've never been worked before — with even tighter, more defined, more powerful results!

All you need is a pair of dumbbells and the all-new ABS DIET EXTREME online workout to scorch more body fat ... tone and tighten your arms, abs, and shoulders ... boost and lift your butt ... and accelerate your calorie-burning metabolism to super-high levels! Whether you're trying to perfect that optimal beach bod, fit into your
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super-skinny jeans or your form-fitting little black dress, or bounce back after gaining baby weight, the ABS DIET EXTREME workout is your ultimate solution.
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Training density is the secret: The faster you complete these exercise combinations, the more your abs will define, and your whole body will tone and tighten! Melt off the belly fat FIRST and transform your body to a new shape you'll love!

Flatten your abs and get defined, total-body tone. Step-by-step, no-brainer workout videos guarantee perfect form, with or without dumbbells.

Get awesome results. Anytime, anywhere — at
home or the gym. The FREE companion iPhone/iPod Touch app lets you take your workouts with you, and they’re mixed with your favorite training soundtracks to always keep you moving and motivated!
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BJ Gaddour Boot Camp and Fitness ExpertThe ABS DIET EXTREME workout was developed by BJ Gaddour, widely considered to be the world's leading fitness boot camp expert. He and his wife, Naomi, own and operate the state-of-the-art group personal training facility called The Fitness Asylum in Milwaukee, WI. BJ is a former fat kid who's tried everything when it comes to health and fitness in his own life, so he knows how to train and get the right and best results. If he can do it, so can you. Let BJ show you exactly how to do it right!
FREE for 30 days! Click here! Powered by The Abs Diet Online — the only interactive nutrition and fitness program based on the New York Times best-selling, scientifically proven book The Abs Diet — ABS DIET EXTREME is filled with powerful, personalized online tools:
Speed up your results even more with hundreds of
fat-blasting, metabolism-boosting foods, recipes, and advice.

  Stay motivated and on target with expert advice and
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You'll get personalized meal plans ... additional
workouts ... plus powerful tracking tools to monitor your
Get flatter, tighter, sexier abs! Click here!
Get flatter, tighter, sexier abs! Click here!
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Trigger "afterburn." Long after you've left the gym, while you sleep, run errands, chase the kids, even watch TV, you're still burning fat!

Ramp up the "thermic effect" of your food so you burn calories even while you eat!

Enjoy protein-packed meals that burn fat, build muscle, and even spark your love life!
"Cheat" on your meal plan yet still lose weight!
You know you still need a girls' night out, so don't worry, and have fun!

Use fat-burning "Kryptonite." Ounce for ounce, this could be the most powerful fat-burning nutrient on the planet.

And much, much more!
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